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Friday, May 13, 2005

It's Not All Negative...

Each day the American public hears more bad news about the War in Iraq. It can become easy to get caught up in all the publicity that portrays Iraq as a pool of chaos. However, with all the MSM covering the stories of death and terror, successes are often overlooked and thrown to the wayside.

Iraq is seeing victories daily, so why not put that side-by-side with the setbacks? If the MSM refuses to report it, then it's our responsibility to acknowledge these achievements. Here are just a few of the stories that never found it to the frontpages in just the month of April alone:

April 3rd: Iraq and Kuwait move to end the longstanding border dispute that led to the Persian Gulf war, establishing a joint commission to decide on the best way to administer the Rumaila oil field.

April 10th: Iraqi security forces announce the capture of Ibrahim Sabawi, a nephew of Saddam Hussein, suspected of playing a major part in financing the insurgency.

April 16th: Ministry of Health announces completed construction of two hospitals in the poorest areas of Baghdad.

April 19th: Educational television channel begins broadcasting again for millions of Iraqi students. The channel had been closed down in 1993 after Uday Hussein confiscated its equipment for his private TV channel.

April 23rd: Two major Sunni political parties that had boycotted January's election, the Iraqi Sunni Accord and the Iraqi Islamic Party, announce they will take part in future votes.

April 29th: Education Department announces it has finished renovating 49 schools and building 22 others in Baghdad's Sadr City slum.

This is just a small selection of the daily achievements in April alone that the Iraqi people are seeing in their unprecedented road to democracy. While I do realize that there is a long way to go and that insurgent attacks should not be downplayed, it is necessary to present the good along with the bad. After all, wouldn't you get tired of hearing bad news all the time?


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