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Monday, May 30, 2005

Let the President Finish His Term

Political extremists rarely think clearly. In fact, their blind hatred of a certain ideology or person clouds and distorts their views, causing them to be hypocritical at the very least. I find this to be true among the Bush-haters. Now, I'm not talking about those who dislike Bush and his policies and want someone else in office. Rather, I'm speaking of the lunatics who in their seething hatred of the man would cheer at his assassination - and even will for it to happen. Believe me, they are out there. Yet, if these people took a step back and realized the results of their wishes, they might refrain and redirect their position and let Mr. Bush finish his term. Even then, I doubt that they'd change their minds. Extremists just don't think! However, an article written by a level-headed liberal (yes, they are out there - although hard to find) produced 10 reasons not to kill Bush.

So, click on the link. Read the article. One good point: it is mind-boggling to "understand the logical contortions some people must go through to be anti-death penalty yet pro-assassination." Also, all across college campuses it seems that most students are liberals although they don't know why. Hey, being "liberal" is the cool thing to do; yet, a talk with one of these "cool liberals" often produces a confusion - Does this kid really even know why he's liberal? In most cases the answer is no. Most American students' knowledge of our political system comes from late night television and the Daily Show. Is it any wonder, then, that an ignorant American can call for the assassination of their own leader? I digress...


  • At 12:56 PM, Blogger Duke of DeLand said…

    Lorenzo, my friend.
    You Miss the prime point in seeing the educational bias of students today.

    The liberal education folks instill an almost defacto liberal bias in our youngsters vis-a-vis the implant of ideas that give resonance to these "liberal idealistic" poses.

    If you examine those who attended private school versus public you will find many more "free thinkers" they liberal or conservative.

    Sorry we didn't connect while we were in Wisconsin....sure enjoyed the fine weather and trips to the Dells with grandkids, as well as a wonderful Rockford luncheon with former high school mates.

    Duke of DeLand


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